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Provide technical and performance specifications for new installations and rehabilitation of existing installations to meet and/or exceed current day standards. Provide project support and supervision from start to finish.

Provisions include:

1.  Meet with authorized representatives, a meeting will include but not limited to; discussing objectives, project schedule, scope of the elevator project, unique requirements of the building and its’ influence on the use of a vertical transportation system.

2.  Prepare detailed technical and performance specifications covering scope of project based on a meeting with the authorized representatives and engineering practices common to the vertical transportation industry. Specifications include performance criteria and compliance with existing codes and establish the quality level of equipment required. Specification package will include requirements as normally provided for in a standard type Project Manual. Specifications will include a list of any associated items that would be required including but not limited to; fire alarm system, equipment room air handling, equipment room compliance, hoistway and pit compliance. Specifications will include technical and performance levels for this project to the extent of the modernization work required to provide modern, efficient operating elevators.

3.  Provide assistance on bidding matters as required including but not limited to; Preparation of a list of qualified bidders. Preparation of documents to encourage competitive bidding. Consultation on bidding procedures, mailing of bid forms and specifications. Assist in pre-qualifying perspective bidders. Assist in preparing a schedule for perspective elevator contractor’s survey visit.

4.  Provide coordination services up to bid date; including negotiations to resolve any conflicts or questions that may arise, review bids, prepare summary and award recommendations.

5.  Assist in preparing project schedule. Review and approve shop drawings.

6.  Contract negotiations, work-site progress visits, which include final evaluation, verification of project compliance and acceptance of final documents.


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